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Bitter Cucumber Capsule

 Added on: 05/03/2014
 Updated: 22/03/2014

Registration No. G367/42. 50 capsules/bottle. 500 mg/capsule. Bitter cucumber capsule reduces blood sugar, treats fever, and improves appetite. Price: 580 Baht/dozen packages
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Primary herb: Momordica charantia Linn. 500mg/capsule

Indication: Antipyretic, lowers blood sugar, improves appetite

Dosage: 1-2 capsules each time, 4 times a day, before meal and before bedtime

Various properties of bitter cucumber

  • Reduces fever and detoxifies.
  • Digestive system: improves appetite, facilitates bowel movements, nourishes bile, removes intestinal parasites, and treats dysentery and blood in stool.
  • Treats diabetes and cancer.
  • Treats pain and inflammation, joint pain, inflammation, and swelling, and swelling knee, hemodialysis, improves menstrual cycle, and treats stomatitis, flaky skin around mouth, swollen wound, inflamed abscess, and rashes.
  • Neural system: Helps sleeping, treats headache.
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