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Stephania pierrei Capsule

 Added on: 05/03/2014
 Updated: 22/03/2014

50 capsules/bottle. 500 mg/capsule. Stephania pierrei capsules helps reduce fat and sugar in blood and treat gout. Price: per dozen
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Primary herb: Stephania pierrei Diels 350 mg/capsule

Secondary herb: Cyperus rotundus, Acanthus ebracteatus, Rhinacanthus nasutus Kurz

Indication: Reduces fat, cholesterol, triglyceride and sugar in blood, relief of rheumatic pain, blood tonic, gout, and improves longevity

Dosage: 1-2 capsules each time, 2 times a day, before breakfast and dinner

Various properties of Stephania pierrei

  • Promotes menstrual discharge
  • Improves longevity, increases power, nourishes blood, purifies blood, treats fatigue, sexual enhancement
  • Treats fever, asthma, and phlegm in throat and chest
  • Removes gas, treats dysentery
  • Reduces blood lipids and sugar
  • Treats gout
  • Kills bacteria that causes acne and abscesses, eliminates bacteria inside the mouth
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